stickers I have known and loved part one

I love stickers. Some have even called me “Stickermeister”. (It sounded better than Sticker Fanboy at the time)

The README stickers are a tribute to Marvel Value Stamps. (Which, of course, were really Marvel De-Value Stamps, since cutting up your comics would ruin your comics collection and, thus, your life.)

”Kidding aside, and excluding the extreme example of Incredible Hulk #181, your collection is probably worth somewhere in the vicinity of 80% less with the stamps cut out.”

Lifegiving Characteristics of the Value Stamps, which kind of represent that era in microcosm:

Misprints, off-registration color, insanely rushed production work by hardcore professionals (something that David Mazzuchelli pointed out as a creative constraint that lent so much of Bronze Age comics art and design its intentional-or-unintentionally great Watergate/pre-punk rock mania—I mean Gil Kane must have done 400 cover layouts in April 1974 alone!)

Assuming the files I have sent off to the printers (STICKER GIANT) are OK, they will be ready in time for Comic Arts Brooklyn and the Wayfarers opening, both on November 2, 2019.