Person, Person, Person...



Synopsis for "The Gorilla Boss of Gotham City!"

Boss Dyke is executed in the gas chambers for his crimes and his body is taken to a doctor who transplants the criminal's brain into that of a large gorilla. As a result, the gorilla gains consciousness and tells the doctor that after he and his gang have secured needed funds, he wants his brain then transplanted into the Batman's body and Batman's brain put into the gorilla.

As a gorilla, Dyke starts a series of crimes that would cause him to be chased by the authorities and his main goal is to make the Police unknowingly kill the Batman after the transplant had been performed. However, Batman is able to escape from the gorilla's grasp and the monster climbs to the top of a building before plunging to the ground, where he remains unconscious. Batman finally discovers the truth about the experiment and the crimes of Boss Dyke are finally revealed. 

Writer: David Vern Reed