Current project, installation, tshirt and sticker: Stay Calm. 

The "Secret Origin" of Stay Calm in a nutshell: I posted some paintings for sale online. When a friend reached out to buy one as a present for his husband, we'll call him Scott (since that's his name) my immediate reaction was "let's do a custom text-based painting for him. Is there a phrase that he needs to see?" I received a two word email: STAY CALM. 

Perfect. Once I started generating this new set of Speed Paste Robots and was deep in glue, paper, ink and more paper scraps Ms. Robot looked at the work in progress and suggested "WHY DON'T YOU MAKE THE LAUNDRY ROOM EXHIBIT THIS YEAR ALL STAY CALM PAINTINGS?"

The original painting was conceived with a percentage donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center, but since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico while all of this was going on, the STAY CALM exhibit was otherwise tithed to Chef Jose Andreas' World Kitchen. Tshirt sales and sticker donations added up to help feed people. 

STAYING CALM in the most UNCALM moments and the most UNCALM.