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bronze age comics fans get the notion that love was not about particular bodies. The Vision, Wanda, Swampy, Abagail. precursor: Silver from Metal Men. Hrrm. 


Moore’s Swamp Thing is more organic, more loose, more pulpy, more comics and is holding up really well in these desperate times.

footnotes, jim.

I participated in a sketchbook art show in brookline, ma this week. One of my most loyal supporters showed up and not only bought a Speed Paste Robot sketchbook, AKA “text generator” but actually negotiated the price UP from the asking price. 

In conversation... she mentioned that there was a lot of unfamiliar reference/context in this work. While I’m of the school that says this is actually 80% irrelevant, there is a nagging voice in my head that says:

• “what ABOUT ‘take me now baby here as I am’??!!

• “dispense with all that fake mysterioso horseshit and just present it all straight” there’s so much noise out there pretending to EXPLAIN SHIT that why not just SAY IT  



work. process.

“After the basic track was complete, Chapman would record lead and backing vocals with Harry. However, this process was hampered by many songs not being written in time for the vocals to be recorded. "Sunday Girl", "Picture This" and "One Way Or Another" were all unfinished during the rehearsal sessions. When recording vocal parts, Chapman remembers asking Harry if she was ready to sing, only for her to reply "Yeah, just a minute" as she was still writing lyrics down. Chapman notes that many "classic" songs from the album were created this way.”

love the shit © 2019

love the shit © 2019